Promotional Products in Escondido

Printed Promotional Products are usually items or objects which are printed with a specific logo, slogan or advertisement. For this reason, printed promotional products are great for giveaways and can help companies promote themselves to existing and future customers. They are also great for company meetings, promotions, and community events. With a wide variety of products available for almost any type of occasion or business need, printed promotional products can be something as simple as a badge, to something more sophisticated such as glassware or conference bags.


Types of Promotional Products


Some of the products available can include items such as golf balls, laptop bags, pencils, fridge magnets, and notepads. Promotional products are also available to wear, and items such as polo shirts, baseball caps and fleeces, can also be created.


Many other types of products are suitable for promotional purposes and some of them include:


Badges: Bags: Bottle openers : Bookmarks : Calculators : Clothing : Diaries

Cooler bags : Conference bags : Key-rings : Laptop bags

Glassware : Stress balls : Tape measures : Leather goods : Travel mugs


The Benefits of Promotional Products


In addition to the low cost factor, promotional products have the added advantage of making their recipients feel valued. Handing out meaningful gifts with your logo on them helps customers to emotionally connect with your brand. Product launches, website launches, offers and discounts are just some opportunities to give away business gifts. Simple thank you gifts to show appreciation are also much appreciated by existing customers.


Custom Promotional items are also ideal for bringing back 'latent' customers - those who have forgotten about a brand but have been loyal to it in the past.


In fact, some customers can turn to other brands over time. Identifying the factors that caused them to turn away and identifying their preferences will help determine how to utilize promos to win them back.


Promotional products are the most effective relationship drivers in today’s market. Customized promotional items remind your clients of your brand so that when they need a product or service that you provide, your brand is on the top of their minds rather than your competitors.


By giving Promotional items to current customers you will create long-term relationships with them. You will create new customers by word of mouth advertising from your current customers by handing these out. You will increase sales by using them as a free give away when someone buys a certain product or service and you will also increase return visits from your current customers.


Promotional Products and Your Brand


Promotional items are an effective way to create consumer knowledge of your brand/company and a great way to generate traffic to your website or business establishment. A recent two-part study by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), found that, out of over 1,000 participants who were surveyed:


  • 94% recalled receiving a promotional item in the last two years
  • 89% actually recalled the company name that was imprinted on the item
  • 76.2% recalled the specific product, the advertiser and the message!
  • 83% enjoyed receiving this type of merchandise
  • 48% would like to receive more promotional items in the future
  • 38% felt that these products serve as a constant reminder of the advertiser


Is there really staying power though? The study also found that of the consumers surveyed:


  • 91% had a minimum of one promotional item in their kitchen
  • 74% had a minimum of one promotional item in their work area
  • 55% had a minimum of one promotional item in their bedroom closet/storage space


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