San Diego Custom Heat Transfers

Custom heat transfers involve the printing of a design or logo onto special paper that, when heated, transfers that image onto fabric. This process allows for the printing of full color and detailed images onto most materials. The result is a flat layered design that feels more integrated into the fabric than screen printing. This allows you to further enhance the design with additional features such as custom rhinestones or other decorations.


One of the advantages that custom heat transfers brings to you is that you can create almost any design. This approach is very cost-effective for small orders.


To better serve you, we have the ability to do custom heat transfers in addition to our other services. This is nothing like the iron-ons that people use for home application. We use specialized inks, papers, and industrial heat press technology to achieve results that have the same high quality as being screen printed. Our high heat and pressure transfers along with our commercial heat press makes the specialized inks bond with the fabric. If your logo would use a lot of stitches if embroidered, then heat transfers are a better option for you. This is especially true with today’s light, thin, and moisture-wicking fabrics.  


Advantages Over Screen Printing


Screen printing is mostly cost effective for large runs. With heat press technology, we can provide a cost effective solution for small runs.


Advantages Over Embroidery


A large embroidery design, while more expensive gives you the most beautiful product with a higher perceived value. Heat transfers can cover a large design less expensively. This is a function of money (embroidery machines are far more expensive than heat transfer presses) and time (it takes less than a minute to heat transfer a large design, while a large embroidery design could easily take over an hour to stitch). In addition, we wouldn’t recommend placing large embroidery designs on light fabrics such as polo shirts and t-shirts. A heat transfer doesn’t have the push and pull of embroidery to distort and wrinkle light fabrics that use large designs. Heavy sweatshirts are about the lightest fabric that we recommend embroidering large designs onto.


Benefits of Heat Transfer Printing


  • Lower cost, especially when used in bulk. 
  • Handles complicated, detailed or colourful designs better than embroidery. 
  • Works well with bigger designs. In this case big is definitely better. 
  • Ideal for most fabric types, but is typically more effective on loosely woven fabrics. 


Heat transfer printing is a better option if ....


  • Your design is detailed or complicated with a lot of small details.
  • Your design takes up a large area of the garment. 
  • Your design has a broad color palette. 
  • You have a lot of garments to brand and wish to do it in bulk. 
  • The garment is made of thinner fabric. 
  • You have a smaller budget.


Now that you know all about heat transfer printing, it’s time to order some printed accessories or apparel from Fully Promoted Escondido.


We can heat transfer print your logo or design on T-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, hats, scrubs, even shoes—if you dream it, we can design it! Get a quote today and see your design come to life.